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Title: Antigoddess

Author: Kendare Blake

Publication Date: September 10, 2013

Publisher: Tor Teen

Format: RC provided by publisher

Rating: 10/10 

Antigoddess is a superb combination of Greek Mythology with modern day fantasy. Kendare Blake’s Greek gods are like nothing you have ever seen—vicious, angry, bloodthirsty, and proud.

When gods begin to die, Athena and Hermes tried to root out the cause and put an end to their demise. Unfortunately, Hermes and Athena are also dying; Hermes’ body is eating itself and Athena is growing feathers on the inside. Their only salvation is a young girl named Cassandra who has the gift of prophesies. But finding Cassandra is just the beginning; gods have chosen sides and now no one is safe.

Kendare Blake creates a story that is humorous, dark, and thrilling. Antigoddess is wickedly good!  Blake keeps the plot fast paced and unpredictable; readers will have a hard time guessing what will happen next. The vast array of Greek gods and goddesses enriches the story and makes it darker. Antigoddess is a superb read that is twisted and dark with the right amount of humor and hope. The end will leave you in shock and craving for more.   



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